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  • Carlo Vellandi

The Future of the Titan Tribune

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

The Titan Tribune will remain a lasting organization at Tesoro. Our current editorial team will continue efforts to produce quality content about all things Tesoro High School, while also working to recruit and train underclassmen writers and editorial leaders.

With a renewed commitment from Tesoro administration, student editors are confident groundwork laid now will result in a permanent student voice on campus with supported curriculum and the Titan Tribune becoming the official newspaper of Tesoro High School.

“The student body has a lot to say, and they need to have the opportunity to share their stories,” said Titan Tribune Sports’ Editor and 2023 ASB President Katherine Le. “I’m proud of what we’ve done over the last two years, but I’m even more excited to make our efforts permanent for future Titans.”

In meetings with administration, our editorial team secured approval to hold newspaper meetings during the longer tutorial times instead of just as lunch. We identified a consistent classroom location for those meetings along with a secondary room for additional sessions. Our team also gained a commitment from Principal Ezratty that he personally will join with Club advisor Mrs. Jindra to assist writers with access to sources and journalistic aid. We, in turn, agreed to work harder at recruiting, training and retaining underclassmen writers and editors to ensure the Titan Tribune would continue to grow.

“I look forward to continuing to support the Titan Tribune,” said Jindra. “I have loved watching the Titan Tribune grow from a goal and a dream of one freshman to a committed Board of students, to a diverse Club that is publishing an online newspaper.”

The Titan Tribune published its first edition December 2021 with stories in a variety of sections, including News, Sports, Features and Editorials. Since then, the publication has shared over 80 stories highlighting a wide variety of issues interesting to high school students at Tesoro. It grew to feature an Instagram account, with plans to incorporate the Tesoro News Channel and a periodic printed version.

“I want to see students publish articles about topics that have high student interest using quality journalistic skills,” said Ezratty. “This in turn will create more interest for other students to join and to read the newspaper.”

With over 250 current subscribers to the Titan Tribune, our editorial team plans to work to promote the publication to the larger student body. The newspaper offers an opportunity for students to learn marketable skills in social media, writing, and conveying a message. It continues, that the Titan Tribune is a place for kids to learn to debate and discuss in a safe environment all while learning to communicate clearly.

“I am always impressed by this completely student-driven effort,” added Jindra. “They came together as ninth graders, new to Tesoro and facing an unprecedented learning environment. They persevered.”

As the Editor in Chief of the Titan Tribune, I am proud of our progress thus far and have enjoyed seeing the growth of our writers. I am excited to take our publication to the next level in the coming year, and I will continue to pursue the addition of the Titan Tribune as an official class for the 2024-2025 school year for the sake of our younger members and future Titans.


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