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  • Carlo Vellandi

Suspensions Plague Boys Lacrosse After Rivalry Fight

*Photo courtesy of Jen Badraun, @byhisgracephotographyllc

Twenty-three members of Tesoro Boys Varsity Lacrosse will serve suspensions for their involvement in a fight that ended their Feb. 15 rivalry game at San Juan Hills High School early.

The two players involved with the initial fight will be suspended for three games, while the other 21 players will only have to sit out for Friday’s game against Capistrano Valley High School. Tesoro led San Juan 11-6 with roughly eight minutes left in the fourth quarter at the time of the game’s early end and will be awarded the win.

Both a senior Tesoro defender and a sophomore San Juan attacker were engaged in persistent jostling and exchanged heated remarks throughout the game. When their emotions boiled over into shoving in front of the Tesoro sideline, a junior Tesoro defender ran over and allegedly shoved the San Juan attacker away, leading the San Juan player to throw a punch. The Tesoro junior defender allegedly responded with his own set of punches, leading many players from both sidelines to run onto the field, creating the extra suspensions.

Two San Juan players that were directly involved in the initial fight will be suspended for two games each.

While Capistrano Valley has struggled thus far, Tesoro will be left with only 10 eligible players including one injured player. With no eligible substitutes and only one active defender, Tesoro’s players will be expected to rotate positions.


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