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About Us

Everything In and Around the Life of a Titan

Why a student newspaper at Tesoro? Here’s why!


A school the caliber of Tesoro, with people moving to the district to attend, should absolutely have a student newspaper. The Titan Tribune is a place for kids to learn to debate and discuss in a safe environment all while learning to communicate clearly.


The newspaper encourages student creativity and critical thinking, without preaching. It can be a place to see what might be important issues to students and another place for Tesoro staff to share ideas that student writers can build on. It helps develop communication skills and team work with different groups of students as they come together to tell their unique stories. It offers a true opportunity for students to learn marketable skills in social media and writing, conveying message.


Join us to tell the stories of Tesoro High School!



Editor in Chief

Carlo Vellandi

Sports Editor

News Editor


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Web Design

Jackson Tiengtum

Features & More Team

Editor: Carlo Vellandi

Gabriella Bakus

Fahima Karin

Veronica Lopez

Nick Pastorkovich

Alyssa Theurer

Sameer Wason

Photo Team

Editor: Uma Miskinyar

Mia Beckloff

Laura Petty

Josi Poston

Kylee Rafatjoo

Shayne Walkowski

Marie Whipple

Sports Team

Editor: Katherine Le

Ryan Bock

Kaumana Carreira

Jacob Cronk

Kaitlyn Driessen

Gabi James

Trey Lybrand

Adam Mattson

Hudson Nowak

Dylan Neall

Gavin Reyes

Jackson Tiengtum

Tanner Tobias

Sammy Weiss

Celia Zhen

News Team

Editor: Alex Mckay

Tony Balkhi

John Fredette

Casey Mapano

Jason Staker