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  • Seth Skaff

2024-2025 ASB Elections

The annual ASB Officer Election is next week. The candidates and brief campaign quotes are included below.

ASB At Large


Anson Geis, the current Junior Class Vice President, is running unopposed for ASB President.

Vice President

Sophi Reinhart, the current Junior President, is running unopposed for ASB Vice President.

Senior Class 


Mackenzie O’Byrne, current dance commissioner, believes that a leader is someone who “lead[s] by example,” she said. “I’m trying really hard to define myself as a leader that wants to genuinely help those around them, and I’m making it my goal starting now to ensure a fun and enjoyable senior year that’s one to remember and reflect upon for the class that I love with all my heart, 2025.”

Diana Nouredine, current pep rally commissioner, is running to promote inclusivity, empowerment and positive change. “My platform will emphasize collaboration, integrity, and problem-solving,” she said.

Vice President 

Arteen Hedayaiti is running unopposed for Senior Vice President because he is, in his words, "truly passionate about making our final year of high school the best one yet." 

Junior Class


Nicolette Givogri, current Treasurer of ASB, is running a red-themed campaign for Junior Class President to match her red hair. “To be a leader means being a constant role model who takes initiative and is intentional and adaptable under any circumstances,” said Givogri.

Emma Dietrich, the incumbent Class President, is running for reelection. “In my eyes, a leader is someone who may be looked upon for support and inspiration. A true leader is hard working and will dedicate their time to further help others,” said Dietrich.

Irish Carey, current ASB dance commissioner, is running a camera-themed campaign for Junior Class President. “I don’t know my odds of winning because the girls I’m running against are just as qualified, but I am the kind of person who really works for it when i put my mind to it,” said Carey.

Vice President 

Emaan Ghaffarian, current ASB secretary, said, “my success as a leader comes from a combination of strategic thought, empathy, and excellent communication abilities. In order to build a culture of trust and cooperation among my team members, I place a high priority on active listening. I motivate others to achieve to the best of their abilities while offering direction and assistance along the road because I have a clear vision and the ability to explain goals. I set an example for others to follow by being trustworthy, resilient, and willing to take calculated chances… I foster a continual learning and improvement culture through ongoing mentoring and feedback.”

Max Draper, a basketball player and volunteer for Just Serve and Best Buddies, is running for Junior Class Vice President. He said, “I feel that a leader is one who cares for the people, is a hard worker, is always a good example and knows how to have fun! High school can be stressful so let me make this decision easy for you. Just kick it back, RELAX, and vote for MAX!”

Harlow Jones, current social media assistant believes that “a leader is someone who always sets a positive example and is a role model for everyone.”

Sophomore Class


Katie Orologas, an ASB freshman intern, is running unopposed for Sophomore Class President.

Vice President

Allastair Geis, an ASB freshman intern, is running unopposed for Sophomore Class Vice President.

 “I applaud any student who chooses to run for an officer position at Tesoro. With leadership comes great responsibility to serve their peers and uphold our school’s core values of Wisdom, Strength and Honor.  It is my hope that for those who are elected that they serve with passion and  intentionality and continue to build upon the legacy that is being left in their care. And, in their service they will model for future leaders what it means to be a Titan,” said Mrs. Davis, the Tesoro Activies Commissioner.


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