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  • Alex Mckay

One of Tesoro's Strongest Titans: Mrs. Woodward

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Mrs. Woodward smiles with one of her AP Psychology classes, holding a sign from last weeks Breast Cancer Awareness Month football game.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month resonates with one of Tesoro’s strongest Titans, Mrs. Woodward. After winning her battle with breast cancer, she has returned to Tesoro to continue teaching.

Diagnosed last year, Mrs. Woodward had to undertake treatment in the form of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and immunotherapy, resulting in a battle through fatigue, hair loss, and spoiled taste. Above all else was the fear that accompanied the sickness.

Despite all of her mental and physical hurdles, Woodward never stopped thinking about her place at Tesoro. “I really missed teaching and my students,” said Woodward.

Woodward’s experience, like for so many other cancer survivors, was undoubtedly life-changing, but her biggest takeaway was her outlook on life.

“I do a better job living for today and finding joy in everything,” said Woodward. “We are not promised tomorrow. It could be gone in an instant, so enjoy and find love today!”

Woodward continues to be a beacon of hope to her peers and students, even after her hardships. Now, Woodward believes in the importance of spreading awareness for breast cancer and appreciates any support. Through this support, Breast Cancer Awareness Month raises money for new treatments, such as immunotherapy, which Woodward received. “The more awareness and funding for research, the better,” said Woodward.

Woodward expressed how amazed she was at all of the people who reached out to her. Several others shared their own experiences with breast cancer, or those of loved ones.

“The more open we are, the more understanding there is in the world,” said Woodward.

Woodward wishes that others like her can have the same reinforcement that she received during her time of need. To her, any little support meant the world, and so she hopes that others going through a similar situation can experience this positive backing. Even after her battle, Woodward is still looking to help others.

Woodward explained, “We had so much love and support and the friends and family who just texted to check in on me here and there; it meant so much to me.”


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