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  • Jason Staker

Tesoro 2022-2023 ASB Election Results

With the ASB election polls closed for the 2022-2023 school year, the student body chose their preferred candidates to represent them.

The winning candidates are:

ASB President (2022-2023): Jaden Allain

“Knowing that the students of Tesoro have entrusted me with this duty as president is a great honor. It is not what I plan to do for the student body, but it is my job to voice their opinions on what would make next year a better experience.”

ASB Vice President (2022-2023): Megan Travis

“I look forward to new traditions. As a class next year, I hope to keep our best Titan traditions, but I also want to truly make next year our own. I can’t wait to help lead Tesoro on this journey next year!”

Senior President (2022-2023): Emma Travis

“I look forward to making our senior year memorable and fun, and I am so excited to get started!”

Senior Vice President (2022-2023): Jeffrey Payne

“I’m excited to be a part of something bigger in my last year of high school.”

Junior President (2022-2023): Katherine Le

“I’m so grateful for everyone who has put their trust in me to make our junior year the best it can be. I have so many plans with my vice president, Sameer Wason, to show our class of 2024 how involving high school can be, especially now as upperclassmen.”

Junior Vice President (2022-2023): Sameer Wason

“I can’t wait to move forward in leading Tesoro's junior class! I'm super excited to work toward making this school year unforgettable. Many thanks to my voters for making it possible in the first place.”

Sophomore President (2022-2023): Sophi Reinhart

“Next year, I’m really looking forward to meeting the new ASB class and coming up with new ideas for our events this year with the sophomore class!”

Sophomore Vice President (2022-2023): Anson Geis

“I’m excited to be able to get to know more of the student body and create great activities to bring us closer together as a school.”

The Tesoro student body puts their confidence in these candidates’ ability to enhance the experience for every Titan on campus.


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