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  • Seth Skaff

Stormin' Mormons and Lady Bugs Among Winners of Chaotic Round Two in Annual Dodgeball Tournament

*2008 Tesoro Dodgeball Champions Courtesy of Orange County Register

After a first round filled with chaos, the winners of round two dodgeball are:

OLU (Basketball)

Stormin’ Mormons (All Grades)

Fausters (Juniors)

Lady Bugs (Senior Volleyball)

Tuffer Dan a Mug (Sophomores)

Shadow Fireballers of the Night X (Seniors)

Them (Senior Baseball)

NYC Foos (Seniors)

These teams have beat out fierce competition and will now compete in Round Three. These games are the best of three games, instead of one and done.

Dodgeball is an annual tournament, played during lunch, and organized by ASB. Anyone can make a team, and each team has a unique uniform and song. When brackets come out and the lunch bell rings, the gym is packed with excited students listening to the announcer, cheering, and watching intense games. Each match takes around five to ten minutes and the first team to eliminate every player on the opposing team wins. If someone catches a ball, they bring back a player and get the thrower out. If the catcher is the last person standing, they bring back their entire team. With crazy shots, and even crazier dodges, this year’s dodgeball tournament is a student-favorite event that no student wants to miss.

For the ultimate honor and bragging right, the winner and runner-up will represent Tesoro in district dodgeball, hosted at Capo Valley High School on April 25th. They will face off against the best dodgeball teams across the Capo Unified School District. Good luck to all the teams participating!


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