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  • Allison Garrel and Alyssa Theurer

Former Titan Athlete to Tesoro Coach

Asher Richland, former Tesoro student Class of 2017, returned to Tesoro to coach his sport this past year. Coach Richland began his running journey in 6th grade after winning his middle school Turkey Trot. Entering high school, he knew he wanted to be a part of the school’s cross country team.

“Running is kind of like an escape from reality,” says Richland. “You get to just enjoy the presence of yourself or your friends around you and just focus on bettering yourself.”

Running is a big part of who he is, and both his peers and his coaches made it incredibly special. Richland gives huge credit for his love for the sport to Tesoro track coach, Darren Phelps.

“Coach Darren Phelps has been my coach ever since 6th grade and everything I teach is what I learned from him,” adds Richland. “He had a special way of getting close to the athlete and getting the most out of them from doing that.” The bonds Richland formed and valuable lessons he learned made him want to pursue a life of coaching.

Currently, Richland coaches the girls mid-distance track team, the long jumpers, and is the assistant coach of the girls cross country team. Along with Coach Tebbe, they led the girls to the 2021 CIF Finals and a successful season.

”I really enjoy watching people succeed and even experience some failures too,” adds Richland, “The most rewarding part of coaching is helping people reach their goals despite the challenges along the way.”

Coach Richland describes his ultimate goal is to make sure everyone is having fun and loving what they do. “At the end of the day,” he explains, “if you don't love what you do, you're not going to put your heart and hard work into it.”

Taking inspiration from his former coach, Richland wants to be a friend to whom his athletes can turn to and count on for support. Richland is confident he will always coach.



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