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  • Parker Wolfe

Upcoming Track Renovation

Tesoro High School is receiving a major renovation this summer as the home stadium track is being resurfaced with new designs and fresh colors. 

From June 1-17, Tesoro’s track will be closed for sport and recreational use because of the remodeling. The design will feature new blue sections on the track, as well as a resurface of the rest of it, which will better depict Tesoro’s red, white and blue colors.  

In 2005, Tesoro’s dirt track was transformed into the track it is today, having occasional small fixes since then. But over the years, the color and design have remained the same. This modern redesign will dramatically change the look of the track and further help maintain Tesoro’s stadium. 

For many Tesoro students, this track has been where freshmen fitness tests and physical education classes have taken place, as well as where runners train everyday, repping laps and racing fast. A high school track is a place where numerous events take shape and is a major location at any high school.  

This redesign has been anticipated by many students, like Lukas Andrews, a varsity runner on the Tesoro track team, who stated, “I can’t wait to train on the new track with my teammates and really make it our own. The new color additions around the track will better represent Tesoro and help create a cleaner and nicer look for our stadium.” 

As the 2023-2024 school year is coming to an end, this redesign will better the school years to come and help allow our facilities to stay well maintained and up-to-date throughout the years. Whether you exercise on the track or just admire it from the bleachers, this redesign will add a new touch to Tesoro’s home field and improve our stadium. 



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