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The Future of the Titan Tribune

Written by the Titan Tribune editorial staff, editorials reflect the general views of the staff as a whole, but not necessarily those of each individual.

Founded in 2020, the Titan Tribune will continue to serve as the semi-official newspaper of Tesoro High School. Our new board will work to further the goals of the preceding editorial staff as we progress towards the growth and diversification of the school newspaper through the recruitment of underclassmen members and future editorial leaders.

Inaugurated on May 20, 2024, our new Editorial Board is comprised of six members: Nicolette Givogri as Editor in Chief, Seth Skaff as News Editor, Nina Geyfman as Features Editor, Parker Wolfe as Sports Editor, Ethan Xie as Opinions Editor and Lukas Andrews as Photo Editor. Additionally, this staff will work alongside Kasey Kim, the editor of our new Games section and McCartney Minter, the manager of our podcast and social media outlets. This editorial team will continue to be supported by club advisor Mrs. Jindra and Principal Ezratty whose continued guidance will permit the continuation of this newspaper through the 2024-2025 school year and beyond.

“I am excited to support the new Titan Tribune team!” beams Jindra. “They are a remarkable group, and I look forward to seeing an increase in subscriptions, allowing more of the Titan community to connect through stories that highlight all that is Tesoro.”

With the support of our faculty and members, our purpose as the Editorial Board of the Titan Tribune is to provide our student body with an avenue to express their voice through the production of a collective paper. Our hope is that members of this organization will grow in their skills of journalism, communication and time-management through their progress as writers and devotion to the betterment of the paper. As a staff, we pledge to justly represent the Tesoro student body and diligently devote our time in producing the best coverage of the Tesoro community.

To further the expansion of this newspaper, we will continue to use social media through Instagram and TikTok to promote our articles, as will remain the cornerstone of our organization where all articles will continue to be published. Going forward, we also plan on using our first form of physical media through semestral prints.

With the end of this school year invoking the workings of a new chapter for the Titan Tribune, our team hopes to not only expand the scope of the paper through our continued efforts to permanently turn this club into a class, but to publish more frequent articles and initiate our first physical publications.

As the new Editor in Chief of the Titan Tribune, I couldn’t be more thrilled to lead this incredible group of individuals in taking this newspaper to new heights. As I continue to learn and grow in journalism, I cannot wait to further my journalistic passions and work towards solidifying this current club as the official newspaper of Tesoro High School. I am beyond proud to take on this new role in representing Tesoro and am so excited to see what the future holds for this paper.



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