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  • Celia Zhen

Tesoro Girls Tennis Wins CIF Championships

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

The 2021 Tesoro Girls Tennis team won their first ever CIF championship. Tesoro tennis teams have tried to achieve a CIF title for the past twenty years but have fallen short. This year, Tesoro had their best group of tennis athletes yet. The team will move up to Division 2 next year, and their skillful players will have another chance to prove how great they are.

Looking back on the season, a major change resulting in success was not only the hard work but also the training of each player’s individual games. Their team had strong depth and won almost every match they played. With the amazingly strong singles and the very stable doubles, these girls are no doubt an extremely difficult team to beat. Their successful results reflect the girls’ diligent efforts and all of the time they dedicate to their sport.

What really brought the group to the CIF championship, though, is their team dynamic, despite tennis being an individual sport. Looking back on the day of the CIF Championship, the players all felt a little nervous. Nevertheless, with positive team encouragement, victory seemed very possible. This team proved their ability, beating Sunny Hills High School with an outstanding score of 14-4. Each of the girls gave their all that day, and the cheer at the end of the game carried their joy.

The girls love and give thanks to Coach Harnett for leading them this past season. He brings the girls a peace of mind when they need a solid backing, and is the man who always wears the Titans polo and Tesoro visor with a warm smile. Because of Coach Harnett’s constant support, the girls are able to truly fall in love with tennis.

Thank you to all of the amazing girls who played during CIF this year. Singles players: Karah Li, Aditi Patel, and Brooke Hira. Doubles players: Morgan Arnott, Loelia Jacquemart, Gia Sanchirico, Celia Zhen, Arianna, and Ava Seversen. These girls and the rest of Titan tennis helped the team excel in their matches. Go Titans!



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