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  • Trey Lybrand

Stanford Volleyball Commit - Kaumana Carreria

Caiden Carreira, better known as Kaumana or “Mana,” is Tesoro’s very own volleyball star off to Stanford and all the way to the top.

With an outstanding sophomore year, including helping win CIF for boys’ volleyball, Kaumana used his amazing plays, skills, and height to make school history. Named CIF player of the year, Kaumana is “grateful for [his] teammates for helping [him] accomplish this.”

Kaumana’s motivation to get himself hyped for the game has a lot to do with his teammates; he’s always looking to improve the team’s play. He uses his consistent routine to build success with stretching, warming up, listening to music, and of course keeping energy high. Energy is always high, though, thanks to his supporters, especially when your biggest fan is your mom. “You’ll know who she is because she’s the loudest parent in the crowd,” Kaumana says. She and other family members attend games whenever they have a chance. But fans include more than just Mom and family.

“The volleyball community is very close,” adds Kaumana. “Everyone on both sides of the net are either former teammates or athletes that I have played against before.”

Even with the busy schedule a team sport demands, Kaumana still manages to keep great grades and is liked by everyone, in and out of his grade. “Planning and balance is key because if you don’t try to have both, it would be almost impossible.” He’s known to give up free time to get the assignments done. His dedication inspires others and will help him reach his dreams.

With a very bright looking future, Kaumana plans to further his academic and volleyball skills on the Cardinal team at Stanford University. He wants to play professionally and internationally, and there is nothing stopping him.

“Now it is up to me to take this chance,” he says. Without question, Kaumana has the personality, intelligence, and skills to be very successful. We cannot wait to see what his future holds.



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