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  • Alex Mckay

Kiara Cisneros Will Swing for the Fences at SDSU

Tesoro Softball’s Kiara Cisneros committed to San Diego State University to play Division 1 softball. 

Though she plays middle infield for high school, Cisneros was recruited as an outfielder and is thrilled for this opportunity. Playing since she was five years old, Cisneros has always loved the competitive nature of the sport alongside “lifelong friends who [she] gets to call [her] sisters,” said Cisneros.

Not only will Cisneros thrive on the field during her time at SDSU, but she will also be taking advantage of its vast resources and educational opportunities. Planning to major in nursing and achieve her bachelor of science, Cisneros is ecstatic about her future possibilities at the school.

“Softball, to me, means family, or a home where everybody is able to learn from their mistakes, and we pick each other up from those mistakes,” said Cisneros.

Cisneros is currently leading Tesoro’s 2-0-1 team in batting average (0.556), on base percentage (0.636) and home runs (1).



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