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  • Katherine Le

Gian Santos Commits to Swim at Columbia University

Tesoro student-athlete Gian Santos committed to swim for Columbia University. With his excellent grades and experience on the Philippines National Team, Santos is one of the first 2024 graduates to finalize their college decisions.

Santos’ recruiting process started in June 2022 when Division 1 NCAA colleges could start officially recruiting high school students. All of the Ivy League schools, with the exception of Harvard, jumped on the opportunity to recruit Santos. With his forte lying in the 200/400 Individual Medleys and the 200/500 Freestyle, Santos had the tough decision of deciding between some of the top schools in the world.

Ultimately choosing Columbia, Santos admires the urban New York City environment along with the coach’s 40 years of experience. With a strong team bond and excellent academic programs, Santos is confident in his decision to commit to Columbia.

Selected to represent the Philippine national team, Santos has competed in Peru, Malaysia, and Israel. By displaying his skills at the international level, he has developed more experience and knowledge than most teenagers his age.

“The outcome is more than worth it. I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am without my mom, dad, club coach, and all of my friends,” said Santos.


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