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  • Allie Garrel

Tesoro's Thanksgiving Favorites

Tis’ the season of mashed potatoes, full bellies, families gathering around and the leaves changing to a burnt orange. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, Tesoro students are eagerly awaiting the day of feast and the well deserved break from school. We polled our Titans to determine the favorite Thanksgiving food:

#5 - Corn

Corn is a classic Thanksgiving food. It has been around since the original Thanksgiving and is a food widely associated with the holiday. Whether it is cooked, cobbed or grilled, it's difficult to go wrong with a good side of corn.

#4 - Turkey

Turkey is the token Thanksgiving food and the one most associated with the holiday. It’s difficult not to picture a large feathered bird with a red goatee when thinking of Thanksgiving. Cooked in butter and seasoning, stuffed with goodness, turkey was ranked the number four best Thanksgiving food by Tesoro students.

#3 - Apple Pie

The smell of warm apples dipped in cinnamon is one of the best aroma’s associated with this holiday. Apple pie is a popular dish at any Thanksgiving table, especially when topped with ice cream. While it can be store bought, it’s even more memorable for families to bake it together, making it the third most popular Thanksgiving food at Tesoro.

#2 - Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes can be cooked and eaten in so many different shapes and forms -- from french fries to baked to the best way: mashed. Mashed potatoes are a Thanksgiving dish for the whole family. Everybody from grandparents to the children at the kid’s table can argue that mashed potatoes is the best dish on the Thanksgiving table. Served with warm gravy, mashed potatoes are a comfort food to many and a joy to all on Thanksgiving.

#1 - Pumpkin Pie

The best Thanksgiving food voted on by Tesoro students is none other than pumpkin pie! Arguably the best pie and unfortunately the one barely in stock. Since pumpkin pie is seasonal to Autumn, it is all the more special to have at a Thanksgiving feast. Doughy crust, soft pumpkin filling and topped off with whipped cream, pumpkin pie has family members fighting for the biggest slice. No matter how delicious the rest of the Thanksgiving meal is, pumpkin pie has everyone eagerly waiting until dessert. It is the reward at the end of a long meal and a symbol of thankfulness, making it the number one Thanksgiving food in the eyes of Tesoro students.


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