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  • Alex Mckay

Tesoro Orchestra at the Big Apple

Recently, our Titans orchestra traveled to New York City to perform at Carnegie Hall. While there, students won gold, receiving the highest scores from their judges over other schools attending. It’s a great win for both our musically inclined Titans at Tesoro and the entire Titan community.

The competition is organized by the Honors Performance Series, a program dedicated to distinguishing talented student musicians. Starting in 1964 and with the help of its parent company WorldStrides, the Honors Performance Series provides opportunities for bands, orchestras, and choirs all over the globe. The program remains committed to its goal of giving its student performers newfound confidence, enhanced music abilities, and an expanded view for their future.

In addition to their venue in Carnegie Hall, the orchestra performed at the United States’ second largest mall. Known as the American Dream, the mall has five floors and houses an indoor theme park, water park, and ski slope.

The trip to New York was more than just award-winning performances though. During the orchestra’s week-long stay in the Big Apple, they visited Central Park and Grand Central Station, two iconic New York landmarks.

The Titan orchestra participated in a short clinic with a professor from George Mason University. Orchestra member Sameer Wason said it was his favorite activity. ”Hearing someone talk about music so eloquently, with PhD level knowledge of the subject, was incredible.” Wason continued that the speaker’s ability to talk to everyone in plain English really strengthened his “artistic understanding of music.” The Professor described his time at George Mason, and the process of learning the motion of a piece, and how to play more artistically with an orchestra.

Clearly, the Titan orchestra had a great time in New York by the Titan orchestra, collecting not only a well-earned victory, but also getting to see the sights of NYC and gaining a deeper insight into the world of music.


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