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  • Nicolette Givogri

Tesoro Introduces First Student Council

Tesoro introduced the Student Council in hopes of bringing student leaders of individual interests together to allow collaboration and develop a variety of skills such as communicative, collaborative, and leadership-oriented assets in each student, all while focusing on the overarching goal of promoting community at Tesoro.

New to Tesoro High School, Student Council is a student-run organization allowing a large variety of students on campus to exemplify their leadership skills and passions for the benefit of Tesoro. This newly-implemented entity consists of student leaders and representatives such as sports captains, VAPA presidents, and club presidents, who come together at regular meetings to discuss school-wide issues, questions, ideas, and concerns with the goal of making the campus the best it can be in many valuable ways.

The first Tesoro Student Council meeting was Wednesday, Oct.18 in the library during tutorial. This meeting covered the voted agenda topic: "Communication for ASB and School-Wide Events,”

Student Council was first created by Greek philosopher Plato when he gathered a group of young philosophers to bring forth his Platonic Academy. In his Academy, Plato established the first student-run organization as a way of organizing and educating students to provide an opportunity for them to be recognized. This origin of Plato's Platonic Academy paved the way for the modern day Student Council to come about and later become incorporated in schools around the world. Student Council was created with the goal of establishing an institution offering a wide variety of incoming student leaders to provide recognition for students campus-wide.

Student Council is newly implemented in Tesoro to further the connectivity, engagement, and community on campus. As this organization is separate from Tesoro's ASB, this will provide the opportunity for additional input of events facilitated by ASB, further development of the school's culture, and an increase in inclusivity among all students on campus. In this way, this entity provides students on campus with even more ways to show their passions, express their ideas, and contribute to the bettering of Tesoro and the student-leader relationship all around campus.


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