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  • Alex Mckay

Tesoro Drumline Wins Division 4A + Percussion Sweepstakes

Tesoro’s drumline regiment recently won the Sweepstakes Percussion Award from the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association (SCSBOA). Their sweepstakes award not only means that they scored the highest in their division, but in every other division as well. Motivated by the victory, the drumline cannot wait for future competition.

Thrilled by the win, tenor drums player Tala Siksek expressed how proud she was of the drumline squad. Siksek made it clear the group practices constantly and “so it felt like it all paid off”. In addition, drum captain Ben Dressel explained that drumline is more than just playing.

“Tesoro’s drumline is a super tight knit group,” says Dressel. “To me it feels like a family united by our love for performing and drumming.”

Through determination and teamwork, Siksek, Dressel, and the rest of the drumline squad earned their victory, and both hope they can see the same results as the year progresses on.

In competition, drumline is made up of several complex parts, each working in coordination with the other. It consists of two types of ensembles of percussion instruments: battery and pit. The battery contains those who actually march with drums attached to their bodies. These drums include snares, tenors, four to five bases, and people with hand held cymbals. Pit, also known as the front ensemble, can be identified by its wider variety of percussion instruments, all of which are stationary. Some of these instruments include marimbas, xylophones, wind chimes, and vibraphones. All of this is managed by drum captains like Dressel, who run and conduct the drumline.

The SCSBOA, the non-profit organization which made the competition possible, is dedicated to enriching the cultural environment of students. By helping to develop a greater appreciation of music, providing the opportunities to explore music for employment and recreational activities, raising performance standards, and improving learning techniques, the association is bettering its musical community.

Most active members of the SCSBOA are from educational institutions such as elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges, though it does contain private instructors and business establishments. They work to provide musical opportunities for musicians throughout Southern California.

Members such as Tesoro’s drumline represent how rewarding not just a pursuit in music can be, but overall hard work. No matter the activity, Tesoro’s band has proven their worth and talent.


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