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  • Cienna Thomas

Tesoro ASB Election Results 2023-2024

As the current school year is coming to an quick end, the student of Tesoro High School voted on who would be representing their student body for the upcoming school year:

A congratulations to those who won and a quick word from them:

ASB Officers

Katherine Le- ASB President

“I’m so glad I get to work with the ASB class again next year to represent Tesoro in the best light possible. I’m excited to work with ASB to create an even closer community at Tesoro, where every event is one to remember and every student’s interest is taken into account. Along with my Vice President, Sameer Wason, I cannot wait to lead Tesoro into the 2023-2024 school year!”

Sameer Wason- ASB Vice President

“Katherine and I are really excited for what we have in store for the entire student body next year. There’s a lot of work to be done and a lot of fun to be had!”

Senior Class Officers

Shayne Welkowsky- Senior President

“I’m extremely excited to be your senior class president and I promise that we will have an amazing senior year. I cannot wait for you guys to see what Carter and I have in store for the upcoming year and how we are going to make every event, from football games, to school dances, and senior week, the most exciting possible.”

Carter Johnson- Senior Vice President

“I’m excited for our school year next year because I think that with all the fun events and activities we have planned that next will be a year to remember! I’m super lucky to get to work with Shayne to come up with good ideas to improve on everything that we can and make it the best senior year possible!”

Junior Class Officers

Sophi Reinhart- Junior President

“I would say I’m most excited for homecoming and getting to do the halftime show again. Last year the sophomores had a lot of fun planning and performing and I can’t wait to see how awesome it’s going to be this next year!”

Anson Geis- Junior Vice President

“I’m excited to be able to help out our school and make it a more fun place. I’m very happy I won and that all my hard work paid off.”

Sophomore Class Officers

Emma Dietrich- Sophomore President

McCartney Minter- Sophomore Vice President


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