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  • Casey Mapanao

Tesoro 2022-2023 ASB Election

Welcome to the annual Tesoro High School ASB Election! Students can vote beginning March 28, 2022 and through March 30, 2022. On March 30, candidates will be selected and runoff elections will be held. Afterwards, runoffs and final election results are announced after school at the ASB office on March 31, 2022.

Runoffs and election results will decide who will fill the eight ASB elected roles for the next school year (2022-2023). During the last week of March, candidates will campaign with flyers, banners, videos, and other miscellaneous items throughout campus. Those running for an ASB elected position need to be aware of the responsibilities that align with their corresponding positions. ASB is in charge of many school events: formals, spirit weeks, fundraising, etc. All candidates and members are expected to represent Tesoro’s name and its thousands of students.

We encourage students to take their time to watch each candidate’s campaign videos and read their campaign posters. Knowing the candidates and taking the time to vote are both incredibly important; it is a way to have your voice heard and to take an active role in how our school is run.

ASB President (2022-2023) Candidates

• Jaden Allain

• Lily Claton

ASB Vice President (2022-2023) Candidates

• Paul Ryan Castillo

• Kavya Madhavan

• Megan Travis

Senior Class President (2022-2023) Candidates

• Katie Huth

• Emma Travis

Senior Class Vice President (2022-2023) Candidates

• Jeffrey Payne

Junior Class President (2022-2023) Candidates

• Katherine Le

• Hiranya Selvakumar

Junior Class Vice President (2022-2023) Candidates

• Shaheera Ali

• Maeden Sison

• Sameer Wason

Sophomore Class President (2022-2023) Candidates:

• Sophi Reinhart

Sophomore Class Vice President (2022-2023) Candidates

• Anson Geis


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