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  • Seth Skaff

Senior Awards Results

Tesoro High School held its twenty-first annual Senior Awards on Monday, May 19, recognizing academic, athletic and extracurricular success throughout high school.

The awards were as follows: Valedictorians, National Merit awards—including scholarships, finalists and commendations—, Advanced Placement (AP) Scholar awards—including Scholars, Scholars with Honors and Scholars with Distinction—, National Honor Society, Seal of Biliteracy, Seal of Civic Engagement, Tesoro Performing Arts Conservatory, Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathway Completers, California Scholarship Federation Members, various community and athletic scholarships and military academy acceptances. Four awards were given to a single recipient: Athlete of the Year, Performer of the Year, Scholar of Scholars and Titan of the Year given to Kaumana Carreira, Tala Siksek, Carlo Vellandi and Katherine Le respectively. 

“It is the highest honor I have received to be considered a true Titan by those who have served Tesoro,” Katherine Le said about the Titan of the Year award. “I truly hope my legacy may parallel the impact that past recipients have left.”

We congratulate the recipients of these awards as well as everyone else in the class of 2024 who gave it their all and are now moving on from high school and advancing into a realm of new opportunities.


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