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  • Alex Mckay

Paper: One on One Tutoring Offered to All Tesoro Students

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Paper is an online provider that is revolutionizing education. Giving students access to professional tutors, Paper’s 24-hour support is unmatched. One-on-one help for all grade levels with all subjects is now readily available for students in and out of class. From essay revisions to live help with homework, to assistance with studying, it’s hard to find a reason not to use Paper.

With the goal of providing students with support at any given moment, Paper is excelling. At predictable, fair prices, school systems are able to give their students academic help at any time, at any location, with only the requirement of an electronic device. No matter their socioeconomic status, kids can receive tutoring for sessions as long or short as they need.

The results speak for themselves as the provider served two-million kids across 30 states of the U.S. Of those, over 90% of those sessions received positive feedback from students. A majority of those sessions took place outside of school hours.

“Paper is very helpful because of how easy it is to use,” adds Sophomore student Brandon Krishna, “and anyone can have their essays expertly revised.”

At Tesoro, Paper’s impact is already being recognized by students and teachers. “I think it’s more helpful than other methods of revising papers, like computer automated websites,” explains Sophomore Carely Gontang, “because you are getting feedback from real people.”

Mrs. Cast, a Tesoro English teacher, adds “Revision is an essential step in the writing process, and it is unprecedented that every student has free access to professional tutors.” Cast reveals with Paper, her students’ essay grades went up an entire letter grade just by making corrections based off of suggested modifications.

To try it out for yourself, access Paper through Clever on your capousd account.


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