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  • Lawrence Buhain

OLU Wins Tesoro Dodgeball

After chaotic games throughout each round – with most going to overtime – OLU (Tesoro's basketball team) came out victorious and ended the tournament as they secured their win and defeated the runner up of the tournament, NYC Foos. They will represent Tesoro in district dodgeball, which takes place at Capo Valley on April 25th.

For a full recap following Round 2:

Second Round:

NYC Foos defeated Them

OLU defeated Fausters

Tuffer Dan a Mug defeated Lady Bugs

Stormin Mormons defeated Shadow Fireballers of the Night X


OLU defeated Tuffer Dan a Mug

NYC Foos defeated Stormin Mormons


OLU defeated NYC Foos

Awesome job to everyone who participated, and good luck to OLU in their upcoming games on April 25th!

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Judy L. Bullockus
Judy L. Bullockus
May 10, 2023

Photos don't match articles written. ie: choir photo with orchestra article and basketball photo with dodgeball article. Who's editing? I'd also love to hear how Mama Mia theme was executed in Prom decor? Just curious

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