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  • Nina Geyfman

Neom: The City of the Future

The Neom project is a new, futuristic city being created for the future, and it is just the beginning of crown prince Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia’s plan.

Neom is located in the Northwest of Saudi Arabia and is 26,500 sq km, roughly the size of Belgium. It is intended to be a place of innovation and sustainability for the ever-changing world. The name "Neom" is derived from the word neo meaning new and Mustaqbal meaning future (new future).

In the plans for Neom, there will be the Oxagon, where there will be advanced manufacturing and world trade, Trojena, a year round destination in the mountains, Sindalah, one of Neom’s islands, and The Line, a place where nine million people can live with no roads or cars and daily essentials will be accessible within a five minute walk. 95% of land is intended to be rewilded and preserved so there will be more access to nature. The city intends to be powered entirely by clean energy sources for a sustainable environment.

Neom plans to change the way we are currently living on Earth by:

  1. Changing how the world does business

  2. Changing the way we live our lives

  3. Changing how we look after our planet

Mohammad bin Salman is building Neom to last, and he hopes it might just be the blueprint for future cities. This project’s goal is to expand the country’s economy to decrease its reliance on oil.

The development of the city will not be cheap,requiring an estimated 500 billion dollars to complete in large part on behalf of the country’s Public Investment Fund. Neom is just now getting started, and it is planned to be finished by the year 2030. Neom could be the beginning of a new world for the generations to come.


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