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  • Roni Lopez

Mama Mia! at Bowers Museum? 2023 Prom Updates

It’s Prom season ladies and gentlemen! For some Juniors and Seniors, it is your first time attending, so here's what to expect.


In between games at the dodgeball finals, ASB announced the theme: Mamma Mia!! While the crowd seemed to know already, Mamma Mia was first a Broadway musical premiering in 2001 based off of the 70s hit band ABBA, and the iconic play was made famous as a movie in 2008. The 2008 musical movie won 10 awards including a National Movie Awards for Best Musical and a People’s Choice Award for favorite songs from a soundtrack.


Tickets went on sale on April 17, 2023. During the week of the dance (May 1-4) tickets go up to $100 with an ASB card and $110 without. The last day to buy is May 5 and prices will go up to $150 with and without an ASB card. Final day for guest tickets is May 3 at $85, and the last day for contracts (guest and bus) is April 28.

Pep Rally and Clash of Classes Spirit Week

The Pep Rally in the big gym was a big hit! Clash of Classes Spirit Week saw Career vs. College (Upperclassmen in college gear and underclassmen ready for their dream job) on Monday, Dress-down vs. Formal (Upperclassmen dress-down and lowerclassmen in formal wear) on Tuesday, Surf vs. Snow (Surf-style for upperclassmen and to-the-slopes for underclassmen) on Wednesday, Red Flag vs. White Lie (School-appropriate, of course) on Thursday, and class colors on Friday (Seniors -- black, Juniors -- blue, Sophomores -- red, Freshmen -- white).


Prom is taking place at Bowers Museum at 2002 N. Main Street in Santa Ana - home to almost 100,000 historical objects. The dance is Saturday May 6, 2023 from 7:30 to 10:30. See you there Tesoro!

Prom Tickets:


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