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  • Madison Murdy

Lend Me a Tenor Comes to Tesoro's Theater

Tesoro Theater’s Lend Me a Tenor (Tenor) was quirky, sexy, and comedic. Tenor shows us a new view of comedy put on in one Hotel Room and adds a sexy twist to it.

In this show, the audience is introduced to Max (by Dawson Henry) who is desperately in love with a young girl, Maggie (by Caitin Kampff). Max is faced with a horrible issue; Tito (by Deven Grover), the best Tenor of his time, has “died”. Max must become Tito in order for Henry, Maggie's dad, to get his money. It is hilarious to see Dawson Henry’s Character to overcome the fear of singing in public, but become part of Tito’s persona. Dawson Henry pulls off this character as his character develops from Max in the beginning to end of the show.

Maceo Vadas stood out to the audience as he left the crowd in laughter despite his minor part. As a bellhop, Vadas brought his own humor to the show. As it is set in a single hotel room, Tenor can be challenging to perform and follow.. The performers must make everything clear for the audience about what is going on outside of the hotel room.

Largely with the help of the sounds and lights, the audience could depict what was happening. When Tito enters after waking up from “the dead,” police sirens go off to show us that Tito was indeed running from the police on the way to his performance.

The Titans’ hard work was evident in this show and every bit put into paid off. The audience could tell exactly what time it took place through outfits and props. Everyone's costume and character were especially perfect for their role and never seemed out of place.


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