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  • Josi Poston

It Is Almost Time To Say Goodbye…Senior Week!

Left to Right: Talia Richland (Indiana University, Bloomington), Kate Benade (University of North Carolina, Wilmington), and Macy Johnston (Louisiana State University) pose after signing the senior wall.

Tesoro’s beloved class of 2023 is graduating on June 1st, and it is safe to say that this class will be missed next year. But, before that time arrives, Tesoro’s seniors stood out during the dress up days of Senior Week! If you did not notice around campus, the seniors dressed up differently for each of the days of the school week (May 15-19). And, to properly finish off this honorary week, the Senior Luau took place on May 19th. Let’s get into the specifics:


On Monday, seniors were encouraged to wear college attire. A great majority of seniors were wearing and representing the college they will be attending in the fall, while others were wearing whatever college attire they wanted to. This was a great way for the other, younger classes to see what colleges their peers will soon be studying at, and a great way for fellow seniors to find another student going to the same school as them.


Denim day took place on Tuesday, so seniors in jeans and jean shorts were not hard to find. Tuesday’s dress up day was just a fun and simple way for all the seniors to participate in Senior Week attire, especially since denim is always in style.


Wednesday was wear black, to represent the senior color. Throughout the history of Tesoro High School, one thing has never changed, and that is the class colors. To be specific, the senior class color has always been black, so what better way to celebrate Senior Week than wearing the designated color. Wednesday’s dress up day was another easy spirit day of the week that encouraged all seniors to dress up.


On Thursday, there was a throwback. This day of Senior Week was a throwback to freshman year, so seniors wore white. The seniors went back to where it all started four years ago by wearing the freshman class color.


To finish off the week, Friday was Hawaiian day. What a perfect dress up day to correlate with the event happening that day as well! Seniors displayed their best Hawaiian and beach attire at the Senior Luau, which took place at lunch. TK Burger and Kona Ice were there offering our seniors delicious food, cooling refreshments, and a sweet treat. Yearbooks were signed and memories were made, a sentimental way to finish off their last few days of high school.

Senior Week was filled with school spirit and fun for our deserving seniors. If you see a senior around campus, make sure to give them a big hug before they head off to the next chapter of their lives. Seniors, only one more week until it is official, see you there!


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