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  • Alex Mckay

Grad Night Comes to Six Flags

Senior Grad Night is returning this year, continuing the long standing annual tradition enjoyed by the graduating class of Tesoro. This year, Tesoro’s seniors can expect a night of fun at 6 Flags Magic Mountain, including an all night buffet as well as bus rides there and back.

Following its initial cancellation, several senior parents banded together to ensure the senior class can still enjoy this experience. Currently searching for more volunteers, the group is asking anyone willing to help plan and carry out the event. Anybody wishing to support the cause is encouraged to contact

Previously held at amusement parks like Universal or Knott’s Berry Farm, Grad Night has been a highlight for many over the years. On May 31, seniors should arrive at Tesoro at 4 p.m. and expect to leave at 3 a.m. when the park closes. Any students who wish to participate must fill out the Google form linked on the @tesoro2024 Instagram account. Registering for Grad Night guarantees one’s spot, as only so many seats are available on the buses, which seniors are required to take.

Tickets are available for purchase after filling out the form, but it is advised to buy the tickets as soon as possible as prices increase over time. Currently $200, the prices will increase to $230 on Dec. 23, and then to $260 by March 1. It is notable that those already with season passes must still buy tickets, as the passes will not be valid on grad night.

Thanks to the generous senior parents, the Tesoro’s senior class of 2024 can have one last night with all of their peers, and many students are clearly appreciative of this.

“I’m super grateful for the parents and can’t wait to go to Six Flags,” says senior Dylan Neall.


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