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  • Uma Miskinyar

Election Season: Congressional District Updates

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

While many were certain this election would be a loss for the left, the Democratic Party polls stronger than expected in our D+3 district of California Congressional District 49. Much of the increased liberal turnout could be in response to Roe v. Wade, with key abortion rights arguments driving campaigns in the district.

On the other hand, the GOP still very much has the inside track and only needs to flip five seats to gain control of the House and hand Rep. Kevin McCarthy the speaker’s gavel. Our CA-49 Congressional District is one of the key races.

Republicans are looking to knock out Democratic Reps. Katie Porter in CA-47 and Mike Levin in CA-49 — both districts President Joe Biden won by more than 11 points. The rallying Republican challengers, Scott Baugh (CA-47) and Brian Maryott (CA-49), challenge the incumbent congressional candidates in their districts, hoping to take back the House in November.

In a tight race for the 49th Congressional District in North County and southern Orange County, Rep. Mike Levin and his opponent Brian Maryott have sharpened their attacks; Maryott paints Levin as a free-spending progressive, and Levin casts Maryott as a Trumpist Republican with extreme abortion views.

Maryott, the certified financial planner and former mayor of San Juan Capistrano, presents his campaign with the slogan “People Before Politics.” You’ve likely seen his interns roaming around suburban streets in golf carts handing out flyers; it is evident Maryott is hungry to win this toss up race to bring his vision of democracy to life.

For months, Rep. Mike Levin has championed his role on coastal protection, veterans services and regional infrastructure in his bid for reelection. But as the campaign closes, the incumbent congressman is striking harder at his opponent’s stance on national issues including abortion rights and protecting democracy, as Maryott assails him over federal spending and inflation - issues that favor Republicans according to recent polls.

The heightened emphasis on hot-button national issues illustrates how the contest is at once both a local race — fought on bread-and-butter concerns about roads, beaches and federal benefits — and a contest between competing visions for American democracy.

Many students, primarily seniors, can already vote in these elections. Ballots have been mailed, and in-person voting ends on November 8th. Voter registration for this election closed October 24th. Voting centers are open now.

As our former President John F. Kennedy once said, “In times such as these when the right to vote, the right to free election, is under us all all over the world, I don’t see how anyone can stay home on Election Day.”


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