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  • Seth Skaff

Dodgeball Returns to Tesoro

Another year of Tesoro’s annual Dodgeball Tournament kicks off March 11 and continues through the rest of the month.

Every year, Tesoro hosts their school-wide dodgeball tournament of both students against students and students against teachers as a fun but competitive event for players and viewers. Throughout the week during lunch, games are held as a tournament-style competition to determine the best dodgeball team at Tesoro.  

While Tesoro has a big competition amongst Titans, Capistrano Unified School District also uses this time to hold the overall school district dodgeball tournament. This ultimately involves all the schools in the district and their best teams. The top teams from each school compete with the other schools to determine the best dodgeball competitors in the district. 

The tournament is constructed and directed by ASB and is an opportunity for all students to be a part of their school’s entertainment, promoting a welcoming environment. By putting a team together or coming to watch with friends, dodgeball is a highlight of the school year for many students. 


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