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  • Lawrence Buhain

Class of 2023 Honored: Celebrating Academic Excellence and Achievement

From Left to Right: Alden Waldeck (Titan of the Year), Carter Scott, and Aubrey Ruffridge are among seniors honored at Senior Awards as Valedictorians among other honors.

The Class of 2023 was honored with various awards that accumulated throughout their high school years at the Senior Awards ceremony on Tuesday, May 23rd.

The ceremony kicked off with students receiving their Valedictorian medals. (Valedictorians are any students with above a 4.0 weighted Grade Point Average (GPA).) Plenty of seniors received their medal that they worked so hard for over the course of their four years of high school. After all of the students received their medals, Principal Ezratty announced Nathan Wei as the recipient of the prestigious award, the Scholar of Scholars. Wei maintained the highest GPA in the 2023 class with an astounding weighted GPA of 4.95.

After the valedictorians and the Scholar of Scholars became recognized, the announcement of the recipients of AP awards followed. The awards had three tiers: AP Scholar, AP Scholar with Honors, and AP Scholar with DIstinction.

Following the AP awards, the members of the club NHS (National Honors Society) and the CSF membership drive were honored. The staff directors announced these awards - Mr. Chance for NHS, and Mrs. DiSomma for CSF.

Next, Mr. Pulido announced the Seal of Biliteracy recipients who met the requirements for the award. This meant that the recipient completed four years of a foreign language and showed proficiency in reading and writing for that foreign language as well as English. Plenty of students received this award through their studies of the foreign languages offered at Tesoro.

After these awards, students who received scholarships and athletic scholarships were recognized. The providers of the scholarships ranged from the Rotary Club to the U.S. Air Force, with many students recognized for their contributions towards the community. Students who committed to a college for athletic scholarships became recognized for their college and a pin which symbolized their achievement. Meanwhile, National Merit Finalists were honored, focusing solely on the test results of the PSAT, a standardized test taken by qualifying students during their junior year. After these two, students who committed to a college for athletic scholarships became recognized for their college and a pin which symbolized their achievement.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Principal Ezratty presented the awards of Athlete of the Year as well as Titan of the Year. Nathan Draper, a member of both the CIF Championship boys volleyball and boys basketball teams, was honored with Athlete of the year, and Alden Waldeck received his award of Titan of the Year for his role as a leader and excelling student at Tesoro. Draper will be attending Brigham Young University this fall and Waldeck will be studying at University of California, Berkeley.

Congratulations to all the class of 2023 seniors who earned their awards at Senior Awards! We cannot wait to see where all our outstanding students, athletes, and leaders will end up.


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