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ASB Elections 2023-2024

Starting on March 1st and ending on March 3rd, polls for the 2023-2024 Tesoro ASB Elections are officially underway. Until Friday night, students can cast their votes for next year’s class and ASB representatives by selecting corresponding links under their Canvas announcements, and with only a two-day voting period and so many tight races, voting is more crucial than ever.

ASB Officers:

The position of ASB Vice President is between current Junior Class Vice President Sameer Wason and last year’s ASB Vice President runner-up, Paul Castillo. Wason runs a radio show, has his own entertainment business, and is a five-time honor roll student, and he claims that his hard work and ever-growing exigency for creativity will allow him to succeed as the ASB Vice President. Castillo claims that as a determined athlete, talented musician, and leader in multiple clubs, he has the work ethic to proudly lead and serve the community.

Lastly, the climax of the student elections: the ASB Presidential Election. Current Pep Rally Coordinator Katie Nolan takes on current Junior Class President Katherine Le in arguably the closest race of the year. Nolan’s campaign promises are to consider everyone’s opinions, to make a more inclusive environment, and to strengthen the community. Le asserts that her previous roles as ASB Treasurer and Junior Class President more than qualify her for the position of ASB President. Her main goals are to improve several aspects of our school that go overlooked and to build a more inclusive and safe environment for students.

To cast your votes for ASB Officers,

Class of 2026:

Starting off the elections are the Sophomore Class races, which are decided solely by the class of 2026. Due to a lack of candidates, the Sophomore Vice President race is already decided, as the only student campaigning is current ASB Freshman Intern McCartney Minter.

The Sophomore Presidential race is more exciting, as two ASB Freshman Interns, Emma Dietrich and Seth Skaff, battle for the title of Sophomore Class President. Dietrich promises to use her devotion and hard work to bring a voice to the Class of 2026. On the contrary, Skaff intends to host numerous fundraisers to obtain money to spend on food, candy, and drinks for students.

For more information on Sophomore Class candidates,

Class of 2025:

Next are the Junior Class races, voted only by current sophomores. Similar to the Sophomore Vice President race, the Junior Class President race has been decided due to a lack of candidates, as no one was brave enough to campaign against the current Sophomore Class President, Sophi Reinhart.

In contrast, the Junior Class Vice President race is one of the most exciting in the entire election, as it is the only race with three candidates. Honor roll student Emily Ahmadzai and artist Itaty Salazar are both attempting to overtake current Sophomore Class Vice President, Anson Geis. Ahmadzai aspires to enhance our school’s learning environment and maximize school spirit. Salazar promises that she will be hard-working and put lots of effort into whatever task is thrown at her. Geis plans to use his ASB experience to handle tasks more effectively and efficiently than his competitors.

To cast your votes for Junior Class Representatives,

Class of 2024:

Concluding the class elections are the Senior Class races, decided by current Juniors. Current ASB Social Media Manager and Historian Shayne Welkowsky has already won the position of Senior Class President due to a lack of competition. She strives to create an unforgettable senior year for the Class of 2024 and an accepting environment for all students.

The position of Senior Class Vice President is up for grabs and the two campaigners are current Pep Rally Assistant Carter Johnson and Isabella Castaneda. Johnson claims that his ASB experience and participation in numerous sports, clubs, and activities around campus qualify him for the position and will help him better represent the students. Castaneda intends to use her creativity and fun to make Tesoro a better and more exciting place.

To cast your votes for Senior Class Representatives,

This concludes the races in the 2023-2024 Tesoro Student Elections. Elected officials will have significant power over school events such as spirit weeks, fundraisers, and dances, so we encourage students to watch campaign videos, read the candidate slideshows, and take their time to make the best decisions.

More candidate information:





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