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  • Jason Staker

A Look Into the THS Diversity Coalition

A general insight into one of Tesoro’s newest clubs.

Tesoro houses many groups and communities. One group of students in particular are fighting discrimination and created a club around the concept of inclusion: the Diversity Coalition.

Nicole Nguyen, an 11th-grade member of the Diversity Coalition, explained why the Diversity Coalition was organized: “We realized there was little talk about inclusivity of other cultures. The coalition strives to bring up the discussion of different cultures/minorities, eliminate any forms of bias, and help Tesoro become a No Place for Hate School!”

What is the Diversity Coalition?

The Diversity Coalition is a new group at Tesoro comprised of students to create a non-discriminatory environment without bias for students. It plans to engage in the fight against unfair treatment with emphasis on race, gender, and LGBTQIA+ identity. Nguyen explains, “The club hopes to bring up the discussion of different cultures and become a nationally recognized No Place For Hate School.”

How to join The Diversity Coalition:

All students at Tesoro passionate about making Tesoro a more inclusive and safe place are welcome to join. To join, you must email Tesoro’s Activities Director, Mrs. Davis, and state that you are interested in joining the Diversity Coalition, or email them directly at . They will respond with the information regarding the Diversity Coalition.

Do I have to do anything beforehand to join?

No, there are no prerequisites to join the club but it is encouraged by every student to sign the pledge to help make Tesoro a No Place For Hate School. To sign the pledge, go here .

What will I do in the Coalition?

In the club, you will be attending bi-weekly meetings during lunch or tutorial to discuss future projects to accomplish their goal of creating a more inclusive environment for students. Also, Coalition members will have the opportunity to participate in staff meetings to inform the teachers of any plans that the Coalition has.

In these chaotic times of social unrest, the Diversity Coalition strives to create a safe and better community for all students.

Wishing you good health from the Titan Tribune!

Additional Information:

Diversity Coalition Informational Video:

Pledge Form:

Activities Director Email:

Official Coalition Email:


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